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Rycote builds a comprehensive line of products designed for microphone shock mounting and exterior wind attenuation.  In March of 2000, Rycote was honored with a Scientific and Technical Academy Award for the development of the Rycote Microphone Windshields Modular System.

A Windshield System comprises a large basket style windshield, a shock mount Modular Suspension that holds the microphone inside the windshield, and two external cover choices.  The Hi-Wind Cover is a gray fleece fabric for light winds and the Windjammer is a synthetic fur cover for maximum wind attenuation.  Typically our Windshields provide a 10 to 15 dB improvement when compared to foam windscreens.  Windjammers can add an additional 10 dB of protection for a cumulative 30 to 35 dB attenuation of wind noise.  Rycote also manufactures windshields for hand held mics, remote capsule microphones, stereo microphones, and M/S and X/Y stereo pairs.  Windshield systems are appropriate on feature film sets, commercial productions, science and nature recording and wherever the maximum protection from wind noise is applicable.

Our Softies comprise a slip-on 70 mm reticulated foam cover that has an integral fur cover.  Softies offer 20 to 25 dB attenuation of wind noise.  The Softie Mounts are a flexible rubber mount that grips the microphone body.  Softie systems are lightweight, extremely effective and built to handle the rigors of ENG, sports coverage and field recordings.

Also available are Softies and Mini Windjammers for microphones mounted on cameras and the "Furry" Lavalier Windjammer designed to be used on Lavalier microphones worn on the outside of clothing. Short Hair Softies with their low profile fur, are great for on-camera use with only a minimal compromise on effectivity when compared to a regular Softie.

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The Trusted Source for Genuine Russian Oktava Microphones, Heil Microphones, Grado Labs Headphones, On Stage Stands and much more!!!!

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