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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)
    Several manufacturers have a minimum advertised price (MAP) for their products. In some cases our our prices are below the MAP price, but we are not allowed to display these prices on the product pages. Please visit our Promotions Page or Contact Us for our lowest price.   back to top

  • SOUND ROOM Oktavas
    In light of past internet discussion of the fake "Oktava" microphones from China, The Sound Room is happy to, once again, state its policy regarding acquisition, testing, quality control, warranty and service.

    Since its inception in 1998, The Sound Room has ONLY sold microphones acquired direct from the Oktava plant in Tula, Russia and inspected and tested through our own engineering partners in Russia.

    The original mission of The Sound Room was to supply Oktava microphones that were tested, matched, warranted and guaranteed (with full service backing) to be used by professional engineers anywhere in the world. We felt that a full complement (of capsules) matched pair set - provided by The Sound Room with all of the guarantees and quality control expected by Western engineers - priced at below $700, was a great product offering and our business was originally built around this product.

    Before we started to offer the Oktava microphone, Harris Electronics (U.S.A.) carried the Oktava brand and later dropped it due to poor quality control, lack of parts, service and support from the original western distribution company. At that time, Oktava seemed to suffer a loss of reputation as a "professional tool."

    Later, The Guitar Center stores (and their Internet arm - Musician's Friend) offered Oktava products from the same distribution company. However, the same problems with quality control, service, warranty, returns, etc. soon reared their head. Also, at this time it was impossible to order "matched" sets through The Guitar Center - or to have warranty service performed or have warranty replacements made available.

    When the Sound Room stepped in to create a product that was professionally inspected, warranted, backed and certified with our OWN quality systems we received threatening phone calls, e-mails and faxes from the "official" world-wide distributors, but we still continued to offer our products, plus other Russian products from Elation, Astor/RTT, etc. - all subject to our own QC and service plans.

    It is our understanding that the original distributors (in England) have had a new microphone made in China that is a basic copy of the old Oktava series. Since these distributors had licensed the English version of the Russian (Cyrillic printing) "Oktaba" as "Oktava", the new Chinese mics are sold under the "Oktava" name and may include the symbol of the Russian bear. The identification process is further confused by the following facts:

    1) The Russian factory produces mics marked for both the domestic market in Russia and Western markets - with different markings for each. "Oktava" and (Cyrillic) "Oktaba" markings come off the Russian manufacturing line weekly.

    2) The web-site domain name www.oktava.com was purchased by the Sound Room in in 1997.

    3) It is currently possible to buy microphones manufactured in two different locations with different technical specifications, yet having basically, the same markings.

    (For those of you that are interested, there is a new page on the Oktava corporate website that shows in pictures and descriptions, how to spot a fake Oktava microphone.)

    The Sound Room STILL offers the same Russian products. In our experience, and to our knowledge, no other source for "Oktava" mics offers anything like our quality control, return policy (within 21 days for full refund), service bench, or experience. As many, many satisfied customers will tell you - The Sound Room ONLY sells items that our own engineers and staff use in their personal recording projects. We believe that you should have the opportunity to test ANY of these products for at least 2-3 weeks in your own environment to see if it is a good match for your style of engineering. We believe that you should be able to return, change, test, and talk about new products with knowledgeable staff.   back to top

  • Shipping & Payment
    Apart from On-Stage products, which are drop-shipped from the manufacturer via FedEx Ground, all shipping is from US drop point via the US Postal Service. We use Priority Mail in the USA and Express Mail (EMS) for international shipments. Delivery of RTT products may take up to three weeks depending on the stock in the United States or factory-matching of stereo pairs.

    The Sound Room accepts USA payments by personal, company or bank check; money orders, PayPal and major credit cards. The Sound Room accepts international payments by international bank check; international money order, Western Union, PayPal and major credit cards (MC, VISA, AMEX).

    Our secure online shopping cart is now available for ordering 24/7/365. An email invoice is sent to your email address immediately on completion of your transaction and a password-protected copy is retained on our server. Your order is addressed by our staff on the next business day.

    Attention International Customers: International credit card orders are shipped to the billing address only. International customers are responsible for all customs duties/charges/taxes in their country.

    While our Web site utilizes an automated shipping rate system through US Postal Service for all USA orders, we do ship worldwide via the Global Express Mail (EMS) service. The cost will be calculated at time of shipping and usually ranges from $30-$50 depending on order and location. The shipping charge will appear as a separate charge on your credit card.  back to top

  • Warranty / Replacement
    The Sound Room warranties R.T.T. and Oktava products in studios, concert halls, schools and clubs all over the world. Most R.T.T. and Oktava microphones are warranted free of defects and in good working condition for 2 years from purchase date unless otherwise stated. If you are not completely satisfied with any R.T.T. or Oktava microphone, you may return it for a full refund of the product purchase price within three (3) weeks from the shipping date. The microphones must show no signs of wear or abuse, otherwise the return will either be refused or subject to a minimum fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee. Refunds are issued for the product value only, excluding shipping and handling.

    No returns are allowed for the Oktava ML19 Ribbon Microphone. The ML19 is a vintage microphone and is sold "as-is". Each one is hand selected and tested by RTT and The Sound Room and guaranteed to be in perfect working condition.

    For ALL OTHER PRODUCTS The Sound Room offers no warranty. Please refer to the individual manufacturers for their warranty policies.

    Orders for Schoeps products are non-cancelable and are non-returnable. Estimated arrival at The Sound Room is 3-4 business days (subject to availability). Your card will be charged upon placing your order.

    For defective products we only accept returns made within the first three (3) weeks of shipment. We also accept returns made within the first three (3) weeks of shipment for items still in the original unopened packaging showing no signs of wear or abuse, otherwise the return will either be refused or subject to a minimum fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee. Refunds are issued for the product value only, excluding shipping & handling and any discounts and/or promotions.

    With the exception of R.T.T. and Oktava products, ALL warranty related issues are to be handled by the customer directly with the manufacturer.  back to top

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